All Ordinances

Commonly Used Ordinances

70.02 Cars must park on the right-hand side of the road, parallel to the curb. No parking is permitted at the curbs painted yellow or in front of any public or private driveway.
70.03 limitations of parking. No boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles, motor homes, bus, tractor, trailer, or camper shall be parked or stored in a front, side, or street side yard, or on the street.
70.06 No vehicle shall remain parked on the street for 24 consecutive hours, subject to a fine between $20 and $100 (70.99)
70.13 J) No commercial or similar vehicle, school bus, or farm or construction equipment shall be parked or displayed in the side or front area of any residence.

91.30 - 91.34 Homeowners are to keep the sidewalks free from obstruction, including ice and snow.