January 2024 - Mayor Report

Welcome to 2024 everyone. The council members and I would like to wish you the safest and most prosperous new year yet! 

2023 was a productive year for St Regis Park. We nearly completed the usage of our ARPA funding with curb upgrades and will deplete those funds with a drainage project scheduled this spring at the end of Lincoln Rd. LED street light upgrades and new signs for the entrances to the neighborhood have added additional cost savings and curb appeal. Our tree canopy continues to grow each year due to new trees being planted and our existing tree maintenance reimbursement program. 

We have more in store for 2024. Spending will go to street repaving in areas needing the most attention. We will also repaint some street sign poles that have chipped away, along with other upgrades wherever needed. 

Unfortunately, 2023 saw the passing of David Schneidtmiller Sr. on December 5th at the age of 85. David was a nearly 40-year resident of St Regis Park and served as mayor of our city in the 80’s and early 90’s. While raising 4 children with his wife Marge, he was an active member at Ascension and coach for baseball, basketball, and softball teams there. Our condolences
go out to the Schneidtmiller family along with many thanks for David’s contribution to our city. 

As most of you are aware, residents along Foxy Poise and Sir Johns were evacuated from their homes on 12/20 due to a fuel tanker truck accident on I-64E. Thankfully no one in St Regis was hurt or experienced property damage. We would like to thank Louisville Fire and LMPD for their help getting residents to safety and arranging shelter during this time. With that in mind, I did receive calls from residents who were unaware of what was happening and were curious if the evacuation affected their home. 

For those of you who have not signed up, or are new to the city, we would like to let you know that we employ a “Reach Alert” service to get the word out to as many as possible. Please see the flyer enclosed regarding sign-up instructions for Reach Alerts. The registration process is
extremely easy. The service will send you text, email, or voice call notifications when we need to get critical information to you. I would encourage everyone to sign up as soon as possible.

December 2023 - Mayor Report

I hope this letter finds everyone enjoying a safe and happy holiday season. It was a pleasure to see old and new faces at our holiday social. The city council members and I look forward to seeing neighbors with their children and grandchildren every year.

I would like to thank everyone who called me or one of your council members to report the issues with your water bill. For those of you who are unaware, several residents received water bills indicating usage from 200-500% higher than average. Louisville Water Company has acknowledged this problem as a roll out glitch with the new water meters recently installed. Your bill should be corrected to reflect the average water usage. If your bill has not been corrected, please call their customer service line at (502) 583-6610. For those of you who hired a plumber to check for leaks that did not exist we have a public relations contact at Louisville Water who can assist as well. Please reach out to me or council
member Eric Shackleford so we can share that contact information.

Recently I received a call from a concerned resident regarding neighbors who do not pick up leaves at all each year and rather wait until the spring to do so. unfortunately, in this scenario leaves accumulated near a dryer vent causing fire concerns. I realize raking leaves is not a desirable task for anyone, but it is not fair to those who make the effort to have to endure unsafe or unpleasing aesthetics of those who don’t. Ordinance 92.03(H) prohibits the
accumulation of leaves on your property. If you feel you can’t perform this task, please contact me or a city council member and we can provide you with local lawn care resources.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a great 2024.