The City of St. Regis Park has a contract with Rumpke of Kentucky to provide for trash collection and recycling. Trash and recycling are collected weekly on Tuesdays. The contract calls for rear door pickup of three cans of trash. However, trash containers may be left at the curb for pickup. Trash is picked up as scheduled unless those days fall on Christmas or New Years. Trash pickup is not made on those holidays, but are made on the following day.

See Rumpke Contract

Yard waste will be collected curbside on Tuesdays as well.

If you experience any problems with trash pickup please call Rumpke directly at 800-828-8171 or contact the City Council person overseeing City Services to resolve the problem. Please do not put out trash containers until late in the evening before pickup days and take your cans back to the house as soon after pickup as possible.

NOTE: Should Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day fall in a given week, collections following the holiday are moved back one day.

CHRISTMAS TREE removal will take place on the second Tuesday in January.